Coffee Plunger

Plunger insert becomes brittle and breaks
Is cookware able to be used in the oven? What about the glass lids?
I purchased a double wall glass mug and the glass has shattered. This could be very dangerous as I could have swallowed the glass. Is this because the glass is not heat proof?
I am looking for Arcosteel dinner bowls 13cm in the “area” can you help me?
I live in Australia and have the arcosteel pots. I washed the small lid the other day and is exploded into a million pieces shattering everything in its way. The only good thing is that the edges weren't sharp
Several months ago I purchased 30cm Stonehenge frypan which Iove however within a couple of weeks the handle became wonky and it wasn't in need of tightening the screw. I returned it to Woolies but they didn't have one to replace it with. There was and still is a not available temporarily sign where they should be. As I needed the frypan I took it back home. Are you able to advise when this product might be available again so that I can get a replacement. Kind regards Alexandra Bywater Kalgoorlie
Hello, I bought a Arcosteel Supremo Frypan 30cm last year in Auckland, New Zealand. The handle and screw came off when i was cooking, and I am unable to put it back on as it is deformed. I didnt keep the receipt, with regards to the warranty what can I do right now? Cheers Karen
Hi, I am trying to find the Teapot for one, it has a cup and saucer. It was available at Woolworths for Mothers Day. Can you please help?
Hi, I bought one of your cook wear products in New Zealand about a month ago and the coating on it has started to come off...Is there anywhere in New Zealand i can contact about this? Angela
Hi there, Just wondering how you suggest looking after your woks? I've had two and both times the coating has come off and gone into the food. Never have i had this problem before so i am just wondering how you suggest looking after the wok and making sure that the coating doesn't come off again Angela
I purchased 6 double walled coffee glasses about 6 months ago. Last week one of these glasses split. The interior wall literally split from the exterior wall. I was lucky not to be cut, or if it had been full of coffee - scalded. There was no damage to the glass before this happened and it split around the rim of the glass. This was incredibly dangerous.

Non Stick

My frypan seems to have lost its non stick properties